Comments to LLG’s Blog

From time to time LLG will invite posters to comment on particular subjects related to civil rights, civil rights litigation, updates in the law especially those that impact schools, special education students, educators and also in the area of disability benefits and employment.

In order to protect those who wish to comment, LLG is limiting comments to this page so that it can be monitored to ensure that all of the blog’s rules are followed.

Your comments, opinions, observations, and information about topics posted are welcome, however, subject to review before inclusion. LLG may(but are not obligated to) answer a general question about the law, but cannot comment on the law’s application to a specific case or company or person.

No attorney-client relationship is formed.  Reliance on any question or answer is at the reader’s risk and anyone truly requiring legal advice should consult with an attorney. This is especially true since a statute of limitations may apply to your case.

A list of other requirements and rules:

1. No advertising of any kind is permitted.  To be clear, this means posting any blog which would solicit any service, product, information or communication of any kind whether free or for a charge. This includes the posting of related events, other blogs, websites or any other communication of any kind whether free or for a charge. Posts which do not comply with this rule will be deleted without prior notice and the posters will be banned.

2. No personal attacks on posters or individuals or groups.

3. No profanity or offensive language.

4. Posting of blatantly false or malicious information is prohibited.

5. Posters should allow other posters to have their say without being subjected to multiple posts. Frequent posters should consider limiting their posts to 1 post per day.


LLG is committed to advocating for the civil rights of individuals. We appreciate your visiting our blog.

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